SIGBOX for Web User's Guide
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SIGBOX for Web 3.5 User's Guide

This documentation is for 3.5.x versions of the SIGBOX for Web application.


SIGBOX for Web is a web application (of SIGBOX Services) which allows you to securely store, access and share any data anywhere.

Using SIGBOX, you can securely upload, store, share and download files easily through a web browser on your computer.

Since SIGBOX is a web application, it can be accessed conveniently from:

  • your desktop/laptop computer, tablet, smartphone or any other device with a compatible web browser * and
  • any location with Internet access or network access to SIGBOX Services.

All uploaded files are encrypted before they reach storage managed by SIGBOX Services.

These features allow you (as the owner of files secured through SIGBOX applications) to share your own content securely with people you deal with regularly (such as colleagues within your organization) as well as other people who may not yet be members of your organization or registered on SIGBOX Services (for example, customers and partners).

* While SIGBOX for Web does not support the upload and storage of files when used on tablet, phone and other devices with compatible web browsers, native SIGBOX applications are available for many of these devices which do provide these capabilities, along with a complete SIGBOX application experience.

Functional overview of the main SIGBOX page

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A user of SIGBOX applications (known as a SIGBOX user) uploads, stores, shares, accesses and manages content (i.e. files and folders) through a self-contained unit called an organization.

An organization is self-contained meaning that the creation, sharing and manipulation of content is handled solely within the scope of an organization itself. (This SIGBOX Services feature is also known as multitenancy, whereby each organization represents an individual 'tenant'.)

Be aware, however, that a SIGBOX user can:

  • be a member of one or more organizations and
  • share their content with users in other organizations.

This means that any SIGBOX user's ownership of content (or permissions to access this content) as well as the roles they have been granted to access SIGBOX features is specific to each organization.